Distribution and Audit Reports

"Two-thirds of purchase decisions
are made in-store"

Consumer Buying Habits Study

In today's business environment of uncertainty, market volatility, increased costs and moving loyalties among consumers, CPG companies have to maximize their shelf presence at all retail locations. This is particulary true given the smaller and smaller inventory levels carried by most retailers in today's tight financial environment. Making sure your product is on the shelf where the consumer will see it and buy it is not just a marketing responsibility, but a business imperative.

With this in mind Consumer@Site launched its new Distribution Report: POS@Site. This new and unique service provides a consumer's point of view of your product's shelf presence, helping you manage your distribution chain more effectively and lowering your OOS levels. At its core is a powerful scoring tool that will tell you how well you are managing your physycal presence at the retail level. Imagine being able to compare your distribution levels by category according to your own regions, or by retail chain, even by locations.

Our Reporting
Our unique web based client interface will provide you with:

• Email delivery of each individual reports.

• Web Portal for access to consolidate reports and graphics.